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The True Taste of Thailand

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2426 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, CA

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Featuring Fresh, Delicious, Authentic Thai Food. Serving up the very best Pad Thai Noodle, Amazing Thai Curry, Tasty Appetizers, Egg rolls, Thai Satay Chicken, Sticky Rice Mango…

Thai Dessert and More!

Eat Together

Gather your Friends for the Best Thai Food in Berkeley. Whether it’s Drunken Noodle, Curry, or Sticky Rice Mango you’ll Love our Thai Food…


Serving up Thai Noodles, Thai Curries and Soups from our True Love for cooking and providing the special Tastes of Thailand. Whether you Love Thai Curry, Thai Satay Chicken, Tum Yum Soup, or a delightful Thai Dessert, you’ll be welcomed home here at Thai Noodle.

Always authentic Thai Food, come join us for “The True Taste of Thailand”

Our chefs take great pride in preparing traditional fresh food, food with integrity, just as they would do back home.


The Kitchen



Gun is Born and Raised in Bangkok Thailand. Growing up he had a knack for the fine Art of making Thai Noodles, Thai Curries and more. He knew he would be a Chef one day and 10 years at this location now he’s worked hard to earn a Reputation as one of the Best Thai Chef’s in America. When you taste our Thai food, thank Gun our Master Chef!



Tang is from Eastern Thailand, he’s a great Thai Chef always smiling and working so hard. He’s a quiet Chef always thinking of that new Thai Sauce or Recipe! Tang makes those Spicy Thai food flavors really pop and he enjoys seeing happy customers. Give him a shout out, he’ll appreciate it.



James has over 20 years of expert level Kitchen, Management, and Thai Cuisine experience. James has been with this restaurant for over 15 years and he makes things happen here. James is a critical part of our team ordering, managing, and preparing Great Thai food to our Happy Customers just like you!